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Encouragement in Real Life

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

I love encouragement! 2020/21 has been a ride, hasn’t it? As a Kids Pastor, I found myself thrust in to a new world. Suddenly our church building was shut down and I was trying to figure out how to record an entire Kids Church service and post it online. I was trying to create new ways to reach out to our families to see if they were okay. I was driving all over town to do porch deliveries and then picking the same packages back up because the address was wrong ~ All while reading the State Guidelines for churches over and over and over again until I think I had it memorized! To think we did all of this while searching for toilet paper… I noticed I felt AMAZINGLY ENCOURAGED when reading posts from other Kids Pastors. People just like me that were experiencing the same thing. It didn’t make anything easy, just gave me the ideas, strength, creativity and joy to keep going. It felt great to not be alone. So, as an experiment and hopefully, an encouragement, I will be blogging my experience as a Kids Pastor in 2021. Just a few posts a month (let’s be serious, no one has time for more!) to share the Real Life happenings of Kids Ministry in a post 2020 world. We are on this journey together and I hope it will be encouraging to know that I don’t know if I sign a Camp Contract for Summer either! If you like the idea, hit subscribe. If you have insights, post in the comments. If you just feel encouraged by the words “me, too” - then join me on the journey! Together we can be a church without walls and reach the kids and families that God has brought to us. Let’s Go!!

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