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Using Creativity At Every Turn

I love to experiment - it’s one of my favorite things to do.

Top hint for Kids Pastors: if you say “It’s an experiment” when you do an event or try something new, you cannot fail! You either win or learn. When Covid hit, it became a great time to experiment. I started with lots of energy. We had online church, Zoom games, Zoom Zoo experiences, huge mailers - you name it! Most of it worked and if it didn’t, we just didn’t take that path again. Now it’s been a year since Covid first came on the horizon. It seems there is a little bit more pressure to “get it right” or to have families participate in a certain way. I’m here to encourage you - KEEP EXPERIMENTING! No one, no church has been here before. 2021 is a new place and it is perfect for trying new ways and new ideas to help our families and kiddos! We can pick up a lot of extra pressure from other churches, so this is a reminder to stop looking around. Instead, start trying stuff unique to your church. Here in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, I am surrounded by churches that have thousands of real, live people attending churches in-person on Sunday mornings. Yet, I know that God has called my specific church to Online Church, smaller live services and Drive Through Events - and it’s working! Remember that God knows what is going to work for YOUR kids and YOUR families.

Trust Him, ask Him for a creative idea and keep experimenting!

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